Break All To Pieces

Break All To Pieces – Iroquois Studios (March 2014) 

The Song

Day of Pink 

I’ve spent some time recently thinking about me, my youth, my growing up, and what that looked like. Break All To Pieces is a song that gives voice to a voice, a version of myself, that I’ve silenced more often than I ought to.  It is a me  that intuitively understands the notion of a gender continuum (and Version 2.0).

So on this day, the Day of Pink, I dedicate this song to anyone who needs a voice.  To anyone who believe that the closet they live within is a terrible place to live. On this day, the Day of Pink, I remember that I am fluid in all my parts, and that’s what makes me whole.

Gingerbread Person Version 2.0


The hook to Break All To Pieces began on a guitar that did not make the final mix.  In fact the only guitar that made the final mix was given to me when  I was 18, was taken back (a grey-version of stolen) when I was 20, and was returned the same day I returned to Halifax to begin a course in Classical Guitar.  None of this is terribly interesting, except that it reminds me, the guitar that is, of an interview that Justin Vernon (Bon Iver; Volcano Choir) gave to The Guardian talking about the making of For Emma, Forever Ago and attributed a rare, cheap, “60s, Sears catalogue guitar” to the signature component of the songwriting: “…almost every song on the record was made with it.” This guitar has that same quality.  For all critical purposes it has no business on a recording and yet it is the only guitar that captured the tone of the song.

Break All To Pieces comes from a place of reflection.  It feels tragic, it reads tragic, but it’s not.  It is written form the perspective of empowerment.  Sometimes an education is a lifetime in the making, and it’s the parts that hurt that make you whole.

There are pieces of  The Butterfly Circus here; there are pieces of a classroom here (from my head, from my experience too) that uses art as a means of personal therapy; there is therapy here also.  Mostly there is perspective.


I will see
everything you want me to
believe, I’ll shrink
into the space you leave for me.
It’s easy, you’ll see;
to bend to blend avoid breaking
all to pieces.
Circus sideshow,
distract from the eyes emphasize the unknown.
Don’t ask, I won’t show,
social contract to suffer alone.
It’s easy, you’ll see;
to bend to blend avoid breaking
all to pieces.
I believe,
cracks in the shell tell all the stories.
Ugly-beauty; forever begins confronted by averted eyes.
See me; see me,
pieces broken put back
together again.
I will see,
it’s easy.

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