Cam Jones

Cam (In the dark set)


The voice emotes with power, subtlety, and range.

The guitar is as much an instrument of percussion as melody; the style a fusion of influences including Ani Difranco and Dave Matthews.

At the heart of Cam’s songs is an agenda with words. The poetry of Cam’s lyrics is an intentional attempt to diffuse basic structure by bringing the song in every poem to the instrument that rounds them.

With a voice and a song to add to the Canadian music landscape, Cam is packing up his guitar.

See you soon.

Cam Jones is a singer-songwriter, urban-folk-poet based in Ottawa, Canada. He is releasing his third record, ‘fascicles’ as a serial over the course of 2014. Listen here: Fasciculus

“This machine kills fascists.” – or, at least, debates them.

“This machine surrounds hate and forces it to surrender.”

This Machine This machine (2)


@streetcarcurtsy Excellent song in the spirit of Billy Bragg, Pete Seeger & Woody Guthrie. You must write more!!

— Dave Manning (@DavidWManning) June 24, 2014

Modular Base

cam guitar

Cam Jones amps up the folk, and strips down the rock in his raw and powerful musical project, “Streetcar Curtsy.” Vocals, guttural like Vedder (Pearl Jam), throwback like Kurt Marschke (Deadstring Brothers) and sounding like a cleaner Brock Zeman, Jones styles his songs in pure folk-rock guitar.

“A worldbeat-meets-rock sound echoing Ani DiFranco, Streetcar Curtsy travels from lively, upbeat through to quieter tracks close to Red House Painters’ Mark Kozelek territory. One of the nicest and hardest working musicians in Ottawa (Canada), singer-songwriter Cam Jones is a sure show for any of our big festivals from jazz to blues and folk. A definite rock or indie-alt bar pleaser that will stun audiences still.”

Cam Jones’s ‘Streetcar Curtsy’ well worth the salute – Sylvie Hill

“…a lyrical poet who generates a huge sound from a single instrument in a solo show…There’s something mesmorizing and exciting about the way Cam Jones performs… 

“…very raw and rhythmic…it’s not your typical one-man acoustic show…his offbeat rhythmic style resolves itself neatly and draws more emphasis to his great lyrical style…. 

“Streetcar Curtsy 0002, Cam’s latest release, truly reminds of the kind of musical delivery that Glen Hansard gave in his movie Once…the raw lyrical pain and acoustic beauty crashing together to make truly inspiring music.” 

Logan Murphy – Ottawa Music Index 

“Cam Jones is a singer and a poet, and he’s doing his best to up the lyrical ante in the world of pop music. His second CD, Steetcar Curtsy 0002, positions Cam as an urban folkie with a flair for emotive songwriting. In short: it’s pretty damn good.” Capital Reveu

“Your playing and singing were top notch…your stage persona was nice and dry-easy to like… [the songs were] richly textured and sympathetic.  There was a good feeling in the place…The future looks good.” Stephen Rapos; Fiddlehead Studios

“…you’re better live than on the album.” Ryan Johnson; Shortwave

“Listening to it right now! – Cool chill acoustic vibe to it! In the vein of Bon Iver. Definitely potential in the songwriting.” Noah Sabourin Music Director LiVE 88.5

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