I know one thing: I know nothing

I’ve been thinking a lot about a couple of tweets the folks at The Black Sheep Inn posted early in March:

Interesting: Established peeps mostly tweet up in rank. Power of @twitter is ordinary people joining together to help those of lesser rank

To less fortunate, we will always share/lift/RT Alongside us,we will share/help/RT. Above us? Oh forget it, you wouldn’t understand anyways.

I read these messages with interest at a time when I was struggling to weave the complexity of the world of art and music with the individual that wants to participate and add to it.

Finding an audience should be hard.

At the heart of the music I’m making is an elemental urge to write and share what I write. I just want to play.  In your living room, basement, cafe, street corner. I want to earn your ears. I want to fill the worn sneakers of the urban-folk-poet walking sidewalks with a guitar in case and a song to share.

Along the way I’m hoping to meet up with you.  You, the individual willing to take a chance on vibrating strings and a pitchy voice that, however dischordent, draws you in for even a moment. I want to share my song.

Along the way I’m hoping we’ll help each other. I’m hoping that the boundaries that make us avert our eyes are cast off and we make eye-contact, and for that moment we acknowledge that we are here. And if while we are together you have something to share, please share it. I’ll do the same.

After all, we are in this together. We are all artists first.   We all began with the excitement

About streetcarcurtsy

Artist Summary Genres: Folk / Independent / Acoustic/Poetic/FolkRock Artist Bio One VOICE, one GUITAR. Cam Jones is a singer-songwriter, solo-acoustic-electric-rhytmic-folk-rock evolution based in Ottawa, Canada. Built on an assimilation of guitar styles best connected to Ani Difranco and Dave Matthews, Cam's guitar is as much a percussion instrument as it is an accompanying voice in his songs. At the heart of Cam's songs is an agenda with words. The poetry of Cam's lyrics is an intentional attempt to diffuse basic structure by bringing the song in every poem to the instrument that rounds them. With a powerful voice and emotional connection to every word that passes through his lips, music becomes an element that evolves rather than performs: live performances are a product of the surroundings in which they are played. "This machine kills fascists." - or, at least, debates them.
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